G2 Perspectives is Minnesota’s premier provider of aerial photographs and videos for professionals. Using the latest technology and cutting edge drone techniques G2 Perspectives provides a unique opportunity for savvy businesses and owners alike to take advantage of aerial marketing capabilities. Aerial production has a growing number of applications.

G2 Perspectives provides commercial drone services including real estate, business advertising, events, inspections, weddings and more.

• Aerial videography for businesses
• Aerial cinematography for film
• Aerial videos for weddings
• Aerial marketing for Real Estate

• Aerial photography for businesses
• Aerial wedding photography
• Aerial photography for Real Estate
• Aerial photography for HomeOwners

• Construction Progress / Inspections
• Aerial photography for Construction
• Aerial photography / Video for Inspections

These are just a few of the evolving ways in which Aerial Photography and Videography is changing the way professionals do business. G2 Perspectives is here to guide you in your aerial needs. Call us today to schedule your free consultation to see how aerial videos and photos can enhance your business!